The Kenabres Underground

The city of Kenebres stands above several layers of underground chambers. Deep below the city, caverns skirting the upper edges of the Darklands realm of Nar-Voth have existed for ages, wheres closer to the surface, old catacombs and sewers riddle the rock. The city’s explosive growth during the First Crusade saw the construction of more of these tunnels than would ever see use, and today they’re home to outcasts, pariahs, and an unusually large number of mongrelmen.

These mongrelmen are the descendants of those who fought in the First Crusade, when the crusaders had little experience in dealing with the unique hazards the Worldwound presented. During the First Crusade, many unknowingly exposed themselves to fell energies, and nightmarish radiations. In the years that followed, a shocking number of children born to the crusaders were hideously deformed. Many of these unfortunate innocents were put to death by overzealous inquisitors or even fellow crusaders, but some parents fled underground to raise their children outside of the light of intolerance.

Today, the descendants of these unfortunates are known by various names, such as “mole people”, “pitlings”, “tunnel people”, or most commonly as “mongrels”. They have no name for themselves. Life among the mongrels is short and often brutal, with a generation passing in as little as twenty years. Yet today, no fewer than five distinct tribes dwell within the deep caverns, abandoned sewers and forgotten crypts of Kenabres, which form a vast underground labyrinth.

While the deep cavern into which the PCs have fallen is 230 feet below ground, there are no easy routes back to the surface. Only one way onwards exists, and the PCs will have opportunities to learn of the most direct way back to the surface soon enough.

The entire underground network below Kenabres is not mapped in detail. Additional routes to the surface (or even down into the Darklands) exist, but these routes are beyond the scope of this adventure.


An example of a poor, degenerated mongrel.

The Kenabres Underground

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