Small Chamber

Several mounds of rock lie in heaps in this cavern, recently fallen from the walls and ceiling. Now and then, bits of dust settle from cracks in the stone above. This small chamber of rock is roughly fifteen feet wide and deep, and narrows back into a winding tunnel on the opposite side that trails away into the darkness.

This cave may look unstable, but it weathered the disasters above quite well and is in no real danger of collapse. The true danger lies in one of the chambers denizens – a cave viper that has been dislodged from its nest and now lies coiled up and cranky amid the stones. The snake is slightly wounded, which (unfortunately for the group) makes it particularly quick to attack any perceived threat.

DC 28 Perception
A sleek, coiled body hides among the rocks near your feet; angry yellow eyes looking up at you as a snake bears its fangs at you. Clearly, it is very agitated.


The creature before you is a dusty, brownish-green color with splotches of darker patterns running over its thick scales. It has a snub nose, and a heavy, spade shaped head that seems perfectly fitted for pushing through loose rocks and dirt. Bright yellow eyes like little embers watch you unblinkingly, and its fangs are razorsharp as it hisses angrily.

DC 10 Knowledge Nature
This snake is a species of viper, commonly known as a cave viper. They are generally found in subterranean environments or in craggy, rocky outcroppings.

DC 15 Knowledge Nature
Cave vipers are generally not aggressive towards humans, but if agitated they can be and they have a potentially deadly bite.

DC 20 Knowledge Nature
Cave vipers are rodent hunters, and prefer ambush tactics when hunting. A single meal can feed a viper for several weeks.

DC 25 Knowledge Nature
Generally a cave viper only grows to around three to four feet in length. However, the one you have stumbled upon is nearly six feet! Quite the specimen.

Small Chamber

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