Fellow Survivors

As you rise and dust yourselves off, you begin to see how close you came to death. Within the wall of rubble behind you, the numerous bodies of the less fortunate lay broken and crushed beneath the weight of the stones. A pang of guilt wracks your heart as you wonder why you, and not they, were saved by the dragon’s graces.

However, before such feelings can set hold too deeply, you see that you are not the sole survivor here. The people you took note of before all seem to have lived through the fall. In addition several others are gathering themselves up and trying to get a bearing for their surroundings; two humans, one a young woman and another an older man, and a silver haired elven male.

These NPC’s can be valuable allies. Each brings resources and skills useful in surviving the caverns below Kenabres, but each is also wounded or otherwise flawed. Keeping these NPC’s alive not only might serve to aid the PC’s in this part of the adventure, but could very well result in them forging lasting friendships and alliances that have repercussions through the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path.

During the rest of this adventure path, these and other NPC allies will have insights, comments, or actions that can be triggered by certain encounters. All of these NPC’s will be described in the following section.

Fellow Survivors

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