As you pull yourself through the opening into the cavern, you see a single, sizable 20-foot-tall building remains standing within this 30-foot-high cave. It is a bunker-like structure with no windows and walls of worked stone blocks. A 10-foot-long carving of a hammer decorates the building’s facade. The ruins of collapsed out buildings stand to either side.

DC 10 Knowledge Religion
The symbol on the facade is that of the god Torag, the Father of Creation.

DC 15 Knowledge Religion
Torag is a honorable, lawful deity worshiped primarily by dwarves and is part of their pantheon. It is believed by his followers that he created the world and the sparks that fell from his forge became the first dwarves.

DC 20 Knowledge: Religion
A somewhat distant deity, Torag values self reliance in his followers. The word of a true devotee of Torag is his bond, though this is a misleading conviction to those not of the faith for deception for the sake of ones people is a sound and smiled upon strategy.

Before you have the chance to investigate the structure much further however, a buzzing drone begins to fill the air and slowly gets louder. As you look up towards the source of it, you see a massive, pallid fly the size of a horse crawl over the top of the building and looks at you with enormous, multi-faceted eyes. Its long proboscis protrudes out of a scissor like maw lined with filth covered barbs.

DC 11 Knowledge: Nature
This enormous creature is simply known as a giant fly. Unlike their much smaller, mundane cousins the giant fly is a consummate, mindless predator.

DC 16 Knowledge: Nature
Giant flies flourish in areas of rot and decay and as such they carry any number of diseases upon them; though most commonly filth fever.

DC 21 Knowledge: Nature
The corrupted, festering taint of the Worldwound upon the land could easily be a contributing factor to why such disgusting creatures are here.

With the giant fly dispatched, you are now free to attempt to enter the structure.

The door is stuck and will require a DC 20 Strength check to open.

When you try the door it is clearly stuck and will take a powerful hand to move it any.


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