Abandoned Campsite

This narrow passage bends for about twenty feet, forcing you to squeeze and duck to pass through, but after a very uncomfortable moment opens up again into a small open area.

This smaller cavern appears to have once served as a campsite or temporary lair. A torn bedroll lies next to the cold remains of a fire. A pile of bones, broken equipment, and rubble lies just past the campsite.

The original inhabitant of this cave (a son of the chieftain of the mongrelmen settlement of Neatholm) has moved on, his route west forever blocked by the recent collapse in area A1.

As you continue to move in this direction past the trash heap left behind here, a sudden skittering noise makes you jump as a dog-sized cockroach darts out into your path and hisses angrily at you. Before you can react you see several more of the vermin quickly crawl out of cracks in the wall, eager for something fresher than the leavings of whatever was there last.

DC 10 Knowledge: Nature
Giant cockroaches are fairly common vermin that dwell anywhere they can find a readily available source of food such as sewers, caverns or other such environs.

DC 15 Knowledge: Nature
Though not normally aggressive, giant cockroaches can become violent if threatened or food is scarce.

DC 20 Knowledge: Nature
There are several distinct varieties of giant cockroach. These appear to be common giant cockroaches, though they have grown quite large for their species.

The junk in this room may prove extremely valuable to the PCs, particularly a copper brooch among the other hidden treasures here.

A thorough search of the room reveals a torn bedroll, three candle stubs, a bent fishhook, ten feet of badly frayed hemp rope, and a copper brooch depicting a bat perched on a mushroom – both of the bat’s eyes are tiny purple jewels.

Abandoned Campsite Treasure:
1. Torn Bedroll
2. Candle Stubs (3)
3. Bent Fishhook
4. Frayed Hemp Rope (10 ft.)
5. Copper and Amethyst Brooch
This small brooch depicts a bat perched on a mushroom with small, bejeweled eyes.

Abandoned Campsite Treasure Table:
1. -
2. -
3. -
4. -
5. DC 15 Appraise (200g)

Though the brooch has some value, it has far more so if the PCs can reach the mongrelmen settlement of Neatholm at area G.

At the other end of the small cavern the tunnel continues – though less cramped this time – and continues for about fifteen before it again becomes a narrow passage, or alternatively diverts back down to an opening that surely must be the path you chose not to follow.

Abandoned Campsite

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