Broken stone benches line this narrow room. The air is cold and stale, and thick layers of dust cover the floor, benches, and a large alter at the far end of the room.

Ahead of you within the room seems to be a stocky, hunched figure sitting in the pews at the front of the room, hooded and facing the alter.

As you approach closer you can see that the figure is covered in a layer of dust as thick as one the surrounding benches. As you draw closer, you can see a withered hand protruding from the tattered garments – the flesh desiccated to the point where the bones beneath can be clearly seen. Cobwebs cover the face like a ghoulish veil, and the jaw is open in what looks almost like a silent scream.

Then, suddenly, a wicked green fire fills the hollow sockets of the eyes and with a shriek, the corpse lunges!

Any PC can try to make the roll to identify the Huecuva, but unless they actually have the skill treat them as though they failed, no matter how high the roll. This is not a failure on their part, they simply lack the acumen to distinguish between the two types of undead without more in depth understanding.

DC 11 or Less Knowledge: Religion (Fail)
This creature is a zombie, a slow moving undead that is best dealt with by sharp steel.

DC 12 Knowledge: Religion
This creature is a huecuva, an undead that is the risen corpse of a heretical cleric. They are extremely resilient to any weapon that isn’t magical or made of silver.

DC 17 Knowledge: Religion
Huecuva are host to diseases, most commonly filth fever and caution should be exercised when dispatching them because it is carried on their claws.

DC 22 Knowledge: Religion
Though not magically talented, huecuva do possess innate magical abilities that can empower the undead around them and cloak them in illusions under the light of day to make them seem alive again.

The broken body of the long dead dwarf lies at your feet now, his mouth still open in a silent scream. Now that you can see him better you note the faint glimmer of dirty gold upon its finger and see a small leather pouch upon his belt.

The small pouch contains two vials of clear reddish liquid, which smell foul if inhaled but does not appear to be contaminated otherwise.

Near the alter there lies a hammer, coated in dust and cobwebs, but otherwise intact with considerable heft to it when it is lifted. It is beautifully embossed with traditional dwarven designs encircling an anvil.

Nave Treasure:
1. Knotted Golden Ring
2. Vials of Red Liquid (2)
3. Dwarven Warhammer

Nave Treasure:
1. DC 15 Appraise (125g)
2. DC 21 Spellcraft (Potion of Cure Light Wounds), DC 16 Appraise (50g each)
3. DC 15 Appraise (Masterwork – 312g)

DC 15 Knowledge: Religion (Secret)
As you look at this shrine, you are overwhelmed in the wake of this tragedy to restore the sanctity it must have once known. You know the rites to consecrate the shrine and though it would take time to accomplish, there is a chance that you may gain the favor of this god, or another, by performing this act.

You would need to conduct many hours of prayers, and meanwhile the others would need to clean the shrine to restore its former glory. Then, you would lead the others in a prayer ritual and, if your knowledge and righteous conviction is enough, the gods favor may be yours.

If the PCs Consecrate the Shrine:
It takes eight hours of work to clean the shrine and conduct the prayers. At the end, if the PCs conduct a prayer ritual and succeed at a DC 20 Knowledge: Religion check, they attract the attention of the deity (they gain a +5 on this check if their patron is Torag).

Those who don’t have Knowledge: Religion can still assist by rolling the check untrained. Any who meet a DC 15 at least award an additional +1 bonus to the one performing the ritual. A single roll to try and win over the deity will be made, so have the others roll first to determine the bonus.

If they succeed, the party gains the effects of a bless spell for the next 24 hours.

For slaying the Huecvua, award the PCs 600 XP. If they also consecrate the shrine, award them an additional 600 XP.


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