A stone bench lines the southern wall of this chamber. At the far side of the room, a basin of water sits atop a stone pedestal. A stone door engraved with an image of a hammer stands to the north.

The basin contains two doses of holy water.

As Anevia enters this area, her gaze becomes downcast as her eyes pass over the stone hammer and she puts one of her hands against her heart.

“I-I’m…. My leg is hurting worse. I need to sit and rest for a bit.”

As she sits down however, Horgus’ face twists into a scowl, clearly unhappy with being delayed.

“This is just slowing us down. We should split up, those who can go on can go on and bring help, and those who cannot remain-”

“Oh why doesn’t it surprise me that a man who is too afraid to acknowledge his own faith wouldn’t be moved by a forgotten holy place like this!” Anevia explodes abruptly, cutting Horgus off. “To be ashamed of your beliefs is as bad as worshiping the pit-spawn that saw us into this hell-hole!”

Though Anevia’s outburst takes Horgus aback for a moment, he is quick to respond and his tone is venomous. “Oh, that’s rich – to be judged on morality by a woman known to consort with thieves! Gods forbid I choose to be private as opposed to criminal!”

Anevia’s eyes widen at the accusatory words before her entire face darkens. She holds tightly onto a small silver eagle pendant at her chest and turns away from Horgus, almost shaking with rage.

If the PCs do nothing to defuse the situation, both Anevia and Horgus slip one step toward hostile. If the entire party sides with one of the two, that NPC’s attitude doesn’t shift, but the other’s shifts two steps toward hostile. An NPC made hostile in this event tries to slip off on his or her own soon thereafter. A successful Diplomacy against the NPC’s current attitude (and increasing the DC by 5) prevents one of the NPC’s attitudes from degrading.

If the PC’s prevent and NPC’s attitude from degrading, they earn 200 XP. If they prevent both NPC’s attitudes from degrading, increase this award to 400 XP.


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